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COVID-19 self-monitoring symptom checklist

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to climb, it is imperative for us to keep a watchful eye on how the virus is affecting

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‘Covid-19 Parties’ pose real danger, pediatrician warns

You may have seen stories on the news and social media recently about so-called “COVID parties,” where people are intentionally exposing themselves and/or their children

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In-person or remote learning? Here is what children need to stay healthy and happy at school during Covid-19

For many parents, it can be tough to understand when, if and how their children are going to attend school this year. Whether your child

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Fort Worth ISD Board President, superintendent send letters to governor raising concerns about school opening plans

Fort Worth ISD Board of Education President Jacinto Ramos, Jr., and Superintendent Kent P. Scribner are among the signatories of separate letters sent to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on

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Gov. Abbott says local health officials can shut schools only in limited circumstances

In a statement Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott said local health authorities can shut down schools if there’s evidence of an outbreak after students have already