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Blasting car heater with closed windows poses high risk for Covid-19 spread, study finds

Cruising in a car with people you don’t live with offers an easy opportunity for the coronavirus to latch onto you if someone is sick,

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Experts Warn of Covid-19 Related Mental Health Risks in Children

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but, for many, the holidays can be a difficult season when feelings of depression,

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Cook Children’s Employee Shares Her Experience in COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Christi Thornhill’s willingness to participate in a COVID-19 vaccination trial was driven by both a professional and personal conviction. As a seasoned nurse practitioner and

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How to Have a Fun, Socially Distanced and Isolated Christmas

Well, we made it to December. What a year! Ups and downs, good and bad. It’s nearly the end of 2020. After a more casual

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Two Covid-19 vaccines are nearly finished – now what?

In November, two Covid-19 vaccines made it to the final testing phase with promising interim clinical data. The vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna are now