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Reopening Your Child Care Program

New recommendations were shared by the state for reopening child care programs. Camp Fire connected with local state licensing representative, Connie Presley, to discuss “live”

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Tips for Going Back to Work

In the weeks to come, many parents will be transitioning back to a work environment that is not in their home. As a result, their

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Plans to Re-open School in North Texas are Taking Shape

DALLAS — Many districts are actively talking about how to restart school. But in the age of social distancing, what might that look like? In

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How to get Swab or Antibody Coronavirus test in Dallas-Fort Worth

Testing is expanding for those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who have not shown symptoms, but still wish to be tested. Testing has expanded for

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Fort Worth Zoo Re-opens to the Public May 29

To help control the flow of people and to distribute guests throughout the day, the Fort Worth Zoo will temporarily enact a reservations system when

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Amid COVID-19, Balloons Bring Happiness to the Alexandra Meadows Neighborhood

What a beautiful day it was in the Alexandra Meadows neighborhood when resident Haley Harper filled her garage with helium balloons and a driveway table

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New Campaign Promotes Re-opening Responsibly

Restaurants, cultural attractions and businesses of any kind can promote healthy best practices with a new promotional campaign launching this week. When they make the

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How to Safely Go Back to Work When Texas Re-Opens

Texas is slowly re-opening, which means that more businesses are opening up and employees are slowly trickling back into offices around the state. If you’re

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Tarrant County Charities Offering Unemployment Resources During COVID-19

During the outbreak of COVID-19, the economy went from reasonably healthy to having a major unexpected downturn in a matter of days. This, along with

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So, Texas is Re-Opening – Now What?

This month, Governor Abbott announced his plans to re-open Texas amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While the move marks a significant step toward life returning to