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Child Care Safety Tips During COVID-19

With schools being temporarily closed, we know that many parents are faced with finding alternate childcare for their children. Alliance For Children recommends that before

David Mansdoerfer, MPP
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Join Us on April 29th for a Free Virtual Speakers Event

Join us for a virtual Speakers Bureau event led by David Mansdoerfer, HSC’s Special Assistant to the President, who will speak on the federal response

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History Teaches Us That Quarantines Work

The notion of COVID-19 social distancing may seem strange to many of us, but quarantines for the good of public health have been around since

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Should You Leave the City During COVID-19?

Tensions are rising in some communities as New York City residents flee the densely populated city for other areas amid the COVID-19 outbreak. We asked

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Managing the Emotional Impact of Isolation in Remote Work

There are many people working from home while others are in self-quarantine – can both groups face isolation issues? Whether working from home or participating