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How to host – and attend – a safer, socially distant gathering

The coronavirus pandemic has made social gathering incredibly tough for most people to see family and friends. But there are some things you can do

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Pregnancy and COVID-19: What to expect during your upcoming delivery

If you’re pregnant and preparing for your baby’s grand arrival, it’s probably safe to say that a COVID-19 pandemic was not part of the birth plan. As

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COVID-19 self-monitoring symptom checklist

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to climb, it is imperative for us to keep a watchful eye on how the virus is affecting

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In-person or remote learning? Here is what children need to stay healthy and happy at school during Covid-19

For many parents, it can be tough to understand when, if and how their children are going to attend school this year. Whether your child

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Antibodies: What are they and how are they used in COVID-19 research and treatment?

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, the term “antibodies” was tucked into the various conversations about vaccines and treatment options that swirled through public and

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Managing diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic

People with diabetes or prediabetes and their supporting families who’ve come through formal diabetes self-management education know to plan for emergencies. And concerns in a pandemic

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How to say “no” to gatherings you’re not comfortable with

A good portion of my energy these days is spent ruminating on what to say when invited to a family or friend in-person gathering. I’m

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A closer look at the Covid-19 numbers: How are coronavirus cases counted?

There are a lot of numbers and statistics related to the novel coronavirus. Here’s a breakdown of how Texas and counties track the spread of

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Dr. Fauci Says he Wouldn’t Fly or Eat Out Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said he wouldn’t get on a plane and is not eating at restaurants amid the ongoing coronavirus

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Bring Your Own Food to Cookouts: CDC Posts Everyday Tips for Minimizing COVID-19 Risk

Take the stairs, not the elevator, down from your hotel room. Encourage people to bring their own food and drinks to your cookout. Use hand