There is no shortage of information available about the coronavirus, but a lot of that information can seem contradictory or misleading. As America grapples with Covid-19, misinformation is particularly dangerous, and scientifically backed health practices are crucial to combat the disease and keep people safe.

Masks Only Protect The People Wearing Them

Arguably the most popular fiction being spread about the coronavirus is that wearing a mask only protects the person wearing it, which has led some people to view wearing a mask as a choice of personal safety. The reality of the situation is that masks protect the people around us from being exposed to the droplets in the air that we exhale. This is particularly important to prevent asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 from accidentally spreading the disease to others.

A recent report points to the power masks have in protecting others, and examines how two Covid-positive hair stylists wore masks for 8 days and didn’t spread the disease to any of their 139 customers.

Covid-19 is Just Like the Flu

One incredibly popular – and false – rumor about the coronavirus is that it’s a lot like the flu, but that is just wrong. The fact is the coronavirus is far more contagious than the flu, and the fatality rate is eight times greater. So, next time someone tells you that Covid-19 is just like the flu, remind them that the coronavirus is far worse by every available metric.

Federal Mask Exemptions Exist

There is a growing trend of people using forged “federal exemptions” as a reason not to wear a mask when they’re in a public space. However, no such exemptions exist. Fake exemptions range from false doctor’s notes about oxygen deprivation to documents bearing forged governmental seals to assert their validity. Some even claim that the person carrying them has a medical condition covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The problem has become so widespread that the Department of Justice has issued a statement about the inaccurate exemptions.

The only mask exemptions that exist are outlined on a state-by-state basis, and the CDC recommends that children under two years of age should not wear a mask. If you have a respiratory condition that impeded your ability to breath while wearing a mask, then do your best to remain isolated to your home and avoid public places and areas where people gather in groups larger than 10.

Higher Temps and Summer Heat Will Kill the Virus  

A common misconception is that, just like the flu, the coronavirus will dissipate and lose traction as the heat increases and summer temperatures rise. This is patently false – you can contract Covid-19 in any type of weather. In fact, some of the warmest states in the United States – Florida, Texas, California, Arizona – are currently experiencing the highest infection rates and case totals.

Cases are Increasing Because Testing is Increasing

When the US first started wide-scale coronavirus testing, it was being reported that we were experiencing more positive cases because we were testing more individuals. However, that is not true. A better way to look at Covid-19 density is positive cases per million people – of which the United States is at 10,288 positive cases per million residents, making it one of the most afflicted countries in the world. The deaths per million has reached 410, which is second only to Sweden on the global scale. While Covid-19 testing has increased, it has only proven that the United States is one of the most densely afflicted countries in the world.

Masks Cause Oxygen Deprivation

Masks can be uncomfortable – no one is disputing that. However, one myth that won’t seem to go away is that masks lead to oxygen deprivation or CO2 intoxication, which is patently false. Masks help filter out airborne particles from the air, and while it may take a couple of seconds to inhale a deeper breath, there is zero medical evidence that masks impede oxygen intake.

Reliable, Accurate Information Protects Our Community

There’s a lot of misinformation readily available about the coronavirus, and it only impedes our collective effort to flatten the curve and defeat it. If you’re ever in doubt about what’s true – or what’s not – visit our website coviddayxday to learn how to protect yourself and your community from the coronavirus. You can also find accurate information by visiting the National Institutes of Health, or by visiting the Centers for Disease Control Covid-19 information page.