The coronavirus pandemic has made social gathering incredibly tough for most people to see family and friends. But there are some things you can do to make meeting with other people safer for everyone involved, and enjoy your social life again.

Rules for Safer Gatherings

Before hosting or attending any gathering, it’s important to understand the risk involved and the importance of safety in any situation where you gather with people outside of those you live with. Whether you’re hosting a party, or attending a family gathering, these rules can help minimize your risk of catching covid-19 and make every social situation a bit safer.

Try to Keep the Party Outside – and Spaced Apart

The vast majority of covid-19 cases are spread via viral particles suspended in the air, which are more concentrated for longer durations indoors. You can mitigate a lot of risk by hosting or attending gatherings that take place outside. But just because a party is outside doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. It’s important that you still maintain a safe social distance of at least 6-feet and wear a mask when you can’t. 

Don’t Exceed Social Distancing Capacity 

Make sure that any party you’re attending – or hosting – adheres to a safe capacity allowance that considers social distancing limits. For hosts, that means condensing your guest list so that people can easily maintain at least 6-feet of social distance. If you’re attending a gathering, ask the host how many people they are expecting and inquire about their social distancing measures.

Establish Safe Indoor Practices

If you’re attending a gathering or hosting a party, be sure that clear, safe indoor practices are established before going into an enclosed area with other people. For hosts, that means limiting the number of people inside your home to five or fewer at one time and requiring that guests wear masks inside. For guests, that means traveling with your mask and maintaining a safe social distance when going inside with other people. 

How to Host Gatherings more Safely

If you decide to host a social gathering during the pandemic, you’re taking on a bit of responsibility. You have to create a fun environment for your guests while also considering their health. So, it’s your responsibility to provide everything your guests need to have a good time and remain healthy. During the covid-19 pandemic, that means offering hand sanitizer to each of your guests, and a clean restroom that is fully stocked with hand soap and disposable paper towels. Avoid shared tablespaces for food and drinks and offer disinfectant wipes that people can use before and after they touch shared surfaces indoors, particularly in the restroom.

Before green-lighting your gathering, be sure to share a clear set of rules for your guests and make sure that they agree to adhere to them. This will help others be comfortable around your guests and helps keep the whole group safer from contracting covid-19.  

What to Provide
1- Clear Set of Rules
2- Hand Sanitizer
3- Clean Restroom + Disposable Paper Towels
4- Individual, Disposable Refreshments
5- Disinfectant Wipes
6- No-Touch Trashcan

If You’re Hosting Dinner
1- Wear a Mask During Food Prep
2- Offer Individual, Disposable Dinnerware
3- Provide Individual Bottles of Water
4- Encourage Attendees to Bring their Own Refreshments

How to Attend Gatherings more Safely

If you’re ready to venture outside of your home, then there are some simple steps that you can take to prepare yourself to more safely attend a social gathering. When gathering with other people, your primary goal when gathering with other people should be to maintain a safe social distance and avoid touching shared surfaces.

If the gathering takes place outside, then bring a picnic blanket or a chair to make yourself comfortable without relying on sharing a table or getting too close to other people. Bring your mask if you expect to go inside at all, and bring hand sanitizer and use it before and after touching shared surfaces. Depending on the length of the gathering, it may be best to bring your own personal cooler with refreshments, which helps you avoid grabbing food or drinks from a shared area.

What to Bring
1- Your Mask
2- A Chair or Blanket
3- Personal Refreshments
4- Hand Sanitizer

Hosts and Guests Need to Exercise Caution

Right now, no social gathering is going to be completely safe. But, by taking some of the preventative measures above, you can greatly reduce the amount of risk you face when gathering with other people. A healthy social life is an important part of mental health, and you can enjoy your social life again if you’re diligent in preparing yourself and those around you.