A lot of people are going back into the office and that has led many to wonder how to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 in the workspace. By taking a few practical steps, you can reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus at work and make your office space safer for everyone.

Practice Safer Food Habits

One way to help mitigate the risk of contracting Covid-19 in the workplace is by practicing safer food habits to minimize your exposure to others. You can do this by packing your own lunch and storing it at your desk and away from the company break room. If you don’t have one, consider buying a thermal lunch bag to keep your food fresh all day long. You can avoid a lot of exposure points by simply bringing your lunch and minimizing the amount of times that you eat out.

Employ Safer Personal Hygiene

In a public space like your work office, it’s important to remain vigilant in your personal hygiene. That means you need to maintain a healthy social distance of 6-feet or more when speaking with others. Always wear your mask when interacting with others and social distancing is not possible. Wash your hands after using the restroom, eating, or touching shared public surfaces. If you can’t wash your hands, use hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands. When coughing or sneezing, do so in your elbow to prevent spreading germs.

Avoid Commuting with Others

Carpooling is a great way to save money on gas and a small way to reduce your carbon footprint. But, during the coronavirus pandemic, sharing cars with others is a risk that’s not worth taking. Also, do your best to avoid taking public transit like the bus, train or subway, which are all packed with people. If you must take public transit or use a riddle-sharing service, then wear disposable gloves and your mask for the entire ridge, and be sure to sanitize your hands immediately afterward. However, it’s safest to take your own vehicle to work if you have one and avoid sharing tight spaces with others.  

Sanitize Your Space

At work, you likely spend most of your time at your desk, which makes it an important place to keep clean and germ-free. Before sitting down for the day, wipe down your desk with a sanitizing wipe and don’t forget to wipe down your keyboard. After you’re done, wash your hands or user hand sanitizer. Try to limit the number of small items you keep on your desk. This will help keep your desk germ-free and make it easier to clean.

Take the Stairs – but Avoid the Handrails! 

If you work in a large office building, chances are that you don’t work on the ground floor, which presents an interesting scenario – do you take the elevator with others, or go up the stairs alone? During the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s one clear, safe answer: taking the stairs. It’s a simple and effective way to reduce your risk of contracting the coronavirus and get a few extra steps in for the day.

Avoid the Water Cooler

The break area is usually the best place to catch up with your friends at work and generally socialize with others. But, collecting in a small space with people right now is more dangerous than usual. So, it’s best to avoid gathering in the break area to chat with your co-workers. Instead, try an online chat tool like Slack or Zoom.

Wash Your Mask

After you get home from work, be sure to wash your mask so that you can sanitize it from germs so that you can wear it again. If you can’t wash your mask every evening, then be sure to buy multiple masks and rotate them daily so that you always have a clean one at your disposal.

Be Extra-Transparent

Communication is extremely crucial to public health right now. So, if you’ve come into contact with someone that has tested positive for Covid-19, then you must be transparent with your office so that management can take appropriate action to keep your coworkers healthy and safe. If you have come into contact with someone who is positive for Covid-19 then talk with your physician and get tested right away.