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How asthmatics can prepare for Covid-19

Asthma is a respiratory illness that makes it difficult for people to breathe regularly without the support of a physician’s guidance and medication. During the

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Pediatrician calls this season’s flu vaccine the most important of our lives

Well…there’s no doubt about it. 2020 is going down in the record books as a real dumpster fire of a year. We have a new

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You had Covid-19. Should you take the vaccine anyway? Scientists search for an answer

Scientists are looking at whether it will be safe to give a COVID-19 vaccine to previously infected individuals, since many of them may not be

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4 Pop-into-your-life tips to make it through a difficult day

Four things that I use to settle, center, calm, and motivate myself. Although these may all be very familiar to you, I encourage you to

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Researchers launch new study to understand how face masks impact exercise

As research continues to advance our collective knowledge around care and treatment options for COVID-19, Baylor Scott & White Research Institute (BSWRI) is also opening avenues of