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A Pediatrician’s Guide on When Your Child Should Be Tested for covid-19 and When They Can Return to School

With kids going back to school, new questions are coming up on when kids should be tested for COVID-19 and when they can return to

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Covid-19 Cases Back on the Rise Among Local Children

COVID-19 cases are increasing at Cook Children’s Medical Center and across North Texas. As of Oct. 12, the number of patients who have tested positive

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Safer air travel amid covid-19

As the holidays unfold, many people are preparing to travel across the country to visit family. For most of us, that means hopping aboard a

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Number of covid-19 symptoms you have could determine how long you’re sick, study says

For some, a coronavirus infection means a pesky cough, low fever and fatigue for a week, but for others, the virus sets up camp and

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When Should My Child Return to Sports After covid-19?

If your child plays sports, you may be worried about the long-term effects of COVID-19. Growing information in the medical community shows that concern may