What is DAYxDAY?

Like so many people in our community right now, we’re trying to navigate a new normal. One where plans are canceled, attention to health is

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Why You Should Still Go to the Doctor During COVID-19

There are so many unknowns and fears of catching COVID-19, but you cannot let this stop you from taking care of yourself with routine primary care.

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Safer Summer Travel in Texas During COVID-19

Now that Texas has re-opened, many people are left wondering about how to safely experience their summer vacation plans. Even though the coronavirus is still

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Why You Still Need to Wear a Face Mask (and How to Wear it Properly)

While most people know how to wash their hands and how to social distance, picking the right mask and using it properly may feel like

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Happy Talk

In times of stress or uncertainty it can be challenging to talk about our thoughts, feelings or ideas clearly and fully – it can be

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How to Deal with the State Re-opening, According to Nonprofit Organizations in Texas

With Texas in its second phase for reopening after being hit hard by COVID-19, some may feel uncomfortable or unsure about how to deal with

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Is it Safe to Go to the Pool or Beach During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

With the summer heat already hitting, many people are looking forward to cooling off at the pool or the beach. Here’s what experts say you

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Can I Safely Send My Child to a Texas Summer Camp during COVID-19?

Summer camps – both day camps and overnight camps – were re-opened in Texas as a part of Governor Abbott’s campaign to re-open the state

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Final Tests of Some COVID-19 Vaccines to Start Next Month

The first experimental COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S. is on track to begin a huge study next month to prove if it really can fend

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Why It’s Important To See Your Pediatrician During a Pandemic and What To Expect During Your Visit

Things have changed at my office. Apparently, there’s some virus going around? As I say in the video – and I truly mean it –

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New Order Requires Dallas County Businesses to Mandate Masks on Premises

Dallas County commissioners voted Friday to mandate that businesses require customers and everyone on the premises to wear a mask to contain the spread of