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Importance of community during the continued days of covid-19

Building community connections is what I do every day. I work with businesses, teachers and organizations to create the perfect off-site experience to foster learning and deepen understanding – of

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Some long-haulers face strange lingering symptoms months after COVID infection clears

Some people with the coronavirus experience strange symptoms that linger for months long after a negative test result deems them clear of infection. Doctors are

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Experts urge new Halloween traditions over trick-or-treating as covid-19 spread continues

With COVID-19 still circulating in North Texas, now is the time to start planning alternative Halloween activities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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Safety considerations for bars and restaurants during covid-19

As restaurants and bars resume operations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers this advice for ways in which operators can protect employees, customers,

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First US patient reinfected with covid-19, study says. What does it mean for immunity?

After the first known reinfection in the United States, scientists warn COVID-19 immunity may not be guaranteed. A 25-year-old Nevada man tested positive for the coronavirus six

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How to plan your holiday season around covid-19

The holidays are coming up quickly, but the coronavirus pandemic has cast a shadow over normally planned holiday traditions. It can be easy to feel


During covid-19 pandemic, when can you have visitors over to meet your newborn?

Being a new parent is hard.Being a new parent today is even harder. With the limitation of visitors, changes to doctor’s offices, and lack of

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Why Cook Children’s is saying ‘no’ to masks with valves

The next time you visit one of our clinics or hospitals, you may notice a slight change to our mask policy. We still require all patients,

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Is voting in-person safe during a pandemic? It can be if you’re careful, experts say

As the Nov. 3 presidential election nears, so too do the concerns surrounding safe voting during a pandemic. The long lines and crowds that usually

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A simple guide to mindfulness for beginners

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a meditation. You close your eyes and think, “Breathe in, focus on your breath. Breathe out…” As you